mr. R.J. Vles


Ronald J. Vles was an Attorney-at-Law for more than 40 years, with an emphasis on Corporate and Intellectual Property Law. Ronald was also an experienced litigator.

During more than 20 years Ronald has shifted his focus to Pharmaceutical Law. He specifically has been working for the pharmaceutical industry.
His experience is, apart from the pharmaceutical / life science practice also in the areas of company and contract law, technology transfer, licensing and advertising.


Ronald also pursues a variety of extra curricular pursuits, among others:

  • Chairman of Socionext Foundation, offering world class hands-on training in social innovation, entrepreneurship skills development and rapid prototyping based on the Lean Start-up methodology. Emphasis is now on university students and young professional program, successfully including working with umemployed youth.
  • Board member of the Dutch chapter and member of the International Board of the Israel headquartered foundation “Save A Child’s Heart”, which saves the life of children with serious heart problems from developing countries and stimulates. exchange of medical know how to developing countries;
  • Member of the board of Trustees of The Ndlovu Care Group, South Africa, a NGO that provides for strengthening healthcare and social care in rural areas in various provinces in South Africa;
  • Chairman of Niped Research Foundation, stimulating sustainable health care and research to apply e-health for prevention, early diagnostics and treatment of chronic diseases;
  • Chairman of Foundation Photo Projects For Children, developing exchange of ideas and circumstances between children from poor neighborhoods in Argentina and Dutch children by means of photography.
  • Board member of Gagliano Foundation (supplying music instruments to young talent)
  • Board Member of the Kadanga Trust, an income generating project in South Africa.


Ronald was among other things a board member of World Press Photo Foundation and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Photography Museum (het Nederlands Foromuseum) in Rotterdam and board member of the Cancer Center Amsterdam of VUMc.


Specialised in:

Company and contract law, technology transfer, licensing, advertising and life science.


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